The use of coal has been rapidly increasing in Turkey where as it was abandoned on a vast scale all around the world. Announcing 2012 as the year of coal, Turkey  has entered to the 2016 with the plans more than 70 coal based power plant projects in addition to the already operating 21 plants.


This situation cannot only be explained by lack of environmental awareness. Being served to the sectors such as construction, iron, steel and cement that need high demand for energy, these power plants are regarded as important means of developing economies which works for profit maximization for big companies rather than meeting the needs of growing population, as it is emphasized by references.


Whilst the market share of the developing economy is splited, we got our share as earth that we cannot water, polluted air that is too hard to breath, cells with cancer and nothing left than to resist in order to live.  What we have to do is not to accept this share and  to defend our living spaces as a basic right and to increase the voice of struggle as we attempt to take these space back.


The Dark Atlas documentary movie maps struggle against the planned or already existing power plants from Yırca to Sırnak. It seaches for the means of reaching out to other people  in order to inform the common aspects of the voices from different regions in different languages as we continue to look out for our living spaces.


We pay respect to the all local resistances which make this atlas of struggle happen that we find chance to witness as a result of our efforts, which celebrates after the cancellation of a power plant project, which prays for the soul of the company, which hinders the environmental impact assessment meetings and which experiences that the road to salvation passes through the struggle. 

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